Mobile deploying 2200 five camera 360 degree in-car video systems for Panasonic and Florida Highway Patrol

Mobile is currently managing the installation of the Panasonic Arbitrator 360, 5 camera system, the first of its kind, in 2200 FHP vehicles and motorcycles over a 10 post footprint and a 3-month schedule. This is Mobile’s 4th full fleet deployment for FHP including in-car video, rugged computers, mobile gateways, card readers, printers, and antennas. The side mounted cameras are assisted by a Mobile designed mounting bracket that completes the full 360-degree view for the troopers, vastly improving safety and visibility to evidence capture.

Mobile recently entered into a strategic partnership with Kinetech LLC

Mobile recently entered into a strategic partnership with Kinetech, LLC, US fleet distributor of Pulse.  Pulse is a rear end collision avoidance technology, proven to reduce rear-end collisions and improve driver safety. As a result of this partnership, Mobile has completed a Pulse installation project for Colonial Pipeline.

Visit this link for more information on the Pulse solution- What Is Pulse

Mobile completes over 3,500 installations of back up camera systems for the Texas DOT.

Mobile completed a very successful deployment of back up camera systems for the Texas Department of Transportation. The project has been heralded as a study in project management and mobility solutions installation efficiencies with a white paper pending to be published for other state DOT departments to use as a model under Federal Government requirements of compliance of back up cameras systems for heavy duty road construction vehicles.  <em><strong>Mobile</strong></em> deployed over 3,500 solutions over 85 sites in Texas, in little more than 3 months.