MOBILE TEAM completes project for City of Orlando Florida

The MOBILE TEAM recently completed a project for our friends at City of Orlando Florida. We plugged in reseller PCN as they had other business in Orlando. Thanks Sean Rosenbum! The result? Another example of partnership and results exceeding expectations. Typical outstanding work by VP Deployment Services John Shrader and his team led by Nick Mackey. Attaboy Nick! 497 Gamber Johnson units installed, thanks Dan Gimotty and Mark Furrow! Dock swaps for Getac Laptops. Thanks Randy Gaines and TEAM GETAC! Project completed in 5 weeks. Fast and furious with no exceptions for quality workmanship! MOBILE will return in August to complete Orlando Fire. We’re not Mickey Mousin’ around! 

MOBILE is currently in deployment phase for CDWG/Georgia DOT

The MOBILE TEAM is currently in deployment phase for CDWG and their client, Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). Scope of work is a Gamber Johnson docking station installation for a Panasonic CF33 refresh. The vehicles are the HERO Fleet. Highway Emergency Response Operators (HERO).  HEROs are dispatched to traffic-related incidents in metro Atlanta with the primary duty to clear roads so that normal traffic flow is restored. HEROs also assist stranded motorists with flat tires, dead batteries or in need of fuel or coolant.

MOBLE Completes installation for Wake County Fire Services

CDW Wake County Fire Services.  15 departments throughout the county.  170 Cradlepoint and Havis dock installations. Project completed in 3.5 weeks.

A real success at Wake! The unique dynamic of the client footprint is 16 standalone municipal agencies under the Wake County, NC IT umbrella. This provided understandable challenges as we essentially reestablished a unique relationship with each department’s operations, way of doing business (if you will). Hats off to John Shrader and his team.

Mobile deploying 2200 five camera 360 degree in-car video systems for Panasonic and Florida Highway Patrol

Mobile is currently managing the installation of the Panasonic Arbitrator 360, 5 camera system, the first of its kind, in 2200 FHP vehicles and motorcycles over a 10 post footprint and a 3-month schedule. This is Mobile’s 4th full fleet deployment for FHP including in-car video, rugged computers, mobile gateways, card readers, printers, and antennas. The side mounted cameras are assisted by a Mobile designed mounting bracket that completes the full 360-degree view for the troopers, vastly improving safety and visibility to evidence capture.

Mobile recently entered into a strategic partnership with Kinetech LLC

Mobile recently entered into a strategic partnership with Kinetech, LLC, US fleet distributor of Pulse.  Pulse is a rear end collision avoidance technology, proven to reduce rear-end collisions and improve driver safety. As a result of this partnership, Mobile has completed a Pulse installation project for Colonial Pipeline.

Visit this link for more information on the Pulse solution- What Is Pulse